After the far-right Wilders won the elections, the anxious wait continues among Turks in the country.

After the far-right Wilders won the elections, the anxious wait continues among Turks in the country.

Geert Wilders, the far-right leader of the PPV party, who frequently appears on the agenda with his statements against Turkey and who shared a “goodbye” message to Dutch voters who voted for President Erdogan after the elections held in Turkey in May, still on the agenda…

While Wilders, who pulled off the big upset and won the election last week, is expected to form a coalition and become prime minister, Turks in the country are also speaking to Dutch media.

Trouw, one of the oldest newspapers in the Netherlands, met with Turks living in the country and asked them how they felt after the elections. Turks who spoke to the newspaper explained how they felt about Wilders becoming prime minister, although he softened his blunt stance before the election and frequently made statements that created tension.

Speaking to the newspaper, a Dutch citizen named Kemal Bolat, a manager of Turkish origin, stated: “Let’s not judge him immediately. You need to calm down. Islam tells us this. Be in the middle of the road, stay on the road. “Everything will be fine,” he said.

Wilders remains on the country’s agenda.

The Turkish businessman said that if Wilders became prime minister, he could get to know Muslims better and soften them. Bolat: “I think Wilders doesn’t know any Muslims. He knew Rutte because I had seen him riding a bicycle down the street myself. “Rutte was one of us, not Wilders,” he said.


Bolat said: “Actually, the result did not disappoint me. Because you can know us better,” he said. Bolat also suggested that Wilders may not be able to form a government or keep it alive after forming a government.

The Dutch businessman of Turkish origin stated that Turkish operators in the country create many jobs.

On the other hand, the newspaper De Gelderlander also spoke with Turks living in the city of Druten, in the east of the country. The newspaper headlined: “Turks not worried about ‘Prime Minister Wilders’.” The news said: “The large Turkish community in the region doesn’t care much, they say no one can ban religion. One Turk who spoke to the newspaper said: “If I were Dutch, I would vote for him too.”


As the curious wait continues in the Netherlands, Wilders’ video about the Turks from 7 years ago became a hot topic. Wilders speaks English in the video, which became a trending topic again after his election victory and was shared on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

In the video, which has Turkish subtitles and was posted on the official account of Wilders’ PVV party, Wilders said: “Today I have a message for the Turks. His government is deceiving him into believing that he will one day be a member of the EU. Forget it. “You are not Europeans and you never will be,” he says.

In the one-minute video, Wilders says: “An Islamic state like Turkey cannot be part of Europe.” Although the video, published in 2015, was posted on social media as new, many institutions and organizations pointed out that the video was old and recalled that Wilders had softened his harsh and blunt stance on some issues.


In response to those who voted for Erdoğan after the election, Wilders said in Dutch in his personal capacity My heart bleeds for them. “I would like to meet them in Turkey, support them and address them, but unfortunately the danger for them and for me is too great,” he said.

Wilders said: “Last week I suggested that Turks who voted for the Islamist Erdogan in the Netherlands be sent to Turkey. So that THEY experience the disastrous consequences of their votes. There was a lot of support from the Turks in Türkiye. “The following message alone has been viewed almost 5 million times,” he wrote. Along with this message, Wilders shared Turkish news about his own statements and said: “I despise dictator Erdogan and his Islamist voters in Turkey, the Netherlands and everywhere in the world.” the world. They brutally murdered the secular Türkiye of Kemalism. However, I support all Turks who hate Islam and just want a normal and free life in a secular Turkey.” he said.

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