Cannibalistic serial killer who kidnaps and kills girls

Cannibalistic serial killer who kidnaps and kills girls

A serial killer named Tsutomu Miyazaki, who lived in Japan and was executed in 2008, tortured, killed and ate four people. Born of incest between his father and his older sister, the brutal killer is also known for his abnormally long and bony hands.

Anime-obsessed Miyazaki was also fond of necrophilia and was a cannibal who never showed remorse for the shocking crimes he committed up until the moment he was executed. His illness began in 1988, when he was only 26 years old.

His first victim was four-year-old Mari Konno, whom he kidnapped from her car in Tokyo. After killing Konno, he sexually assaulted her, dismembered her body and took photographs of her. Near her body, the police said: “Mari. It was burned. Bones. To the investigation. Try. “She found a written note.

The torturing assassin is also known for his abnormally long and bony hands…


Shortly after, he took seven-year-old Masami Yoshizawa to the same spot, repeated his ritual, and dumped her body a short distance from Mari’s.

In December 1988 he captured the young Erika Namba and repeated the same process.

Miyazaki’s fourth and final murder was perhaps his most shocking and violent; He had kidnapped five-year-old Ayako Nomoto after convincing her to allow him to take photographs of her in her car.

Six weeks later, Miyazaki’s sick actions finally came to an end just minutes before he killed the fifth child.

During his trial, Miyazaki refused to take responsibility for his sick activities, which he claimed were “acts of kindness,” and blamed his alter ego, “Rat Man,” for his torture. The torturer and murderer was sentenced to death in 1997 and his sentence was carried out in 2008.

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