There is no news of 10 doctors detained by Israel in the Gaza Strip

There is no news of 10 doctors detained by Israel in the Gaza Strip

In the statement made on the Brave Hearted Doctors of Palestine Instagram account, it was recalled that Israeli forces forcibly evacuated Shifa Hospital and Indonesia Hospital in the Gaza Strip between November 18 and 23.

The statement, which stated that Israeli forces detained doctors working at Sifa Hospital and Indonesia Hospital on the “safe path” to southern Gaza on the same dates, included the names of 10 detained doctors. .

In addition to the director Muhammed Ebu Silmiyye of the Şifa Hospital, Münir al-Şahrit, Yusuf Berekat, Salih Alviye, Ekrem Ebu Avde, İyad Abid, Muhammed Ebu Ayta, Ekrem Hüseyin and Muhammed Ebu el-Cebin of the Indonesian Hospital. he was arrested for

The statement shared that dentist Mumin Ebu Hudayr was among those detained.

In its statement on the social media platform

– Israeli army raid on Sifa hospital

On the morning of November 15, the Israeli army raided Sifa Hospital, the largest health center in the region, where thousands of patients and civilians displaced in Gaza were located.

Israel presented as evidence rusty weapons and several cameras it claimed to have found in the building instead of tunnels and ammunition depots after the attack, sparking criticism.

The Israeli military asked those in Shifa Hospital to evacuate the building, but as some of the wounded and patients could not leave on foot, some doctors and health workers remained in the hospital.

Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, stated in his statement on November 25 that the Indonesian Hospital, one of the health centers in the region that was the target of intense shelling and attacks by the Israeli army, was completely evacuated. (AA)

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