Fear of the dark winter in container cities

Fear of the dark winter in container cities

In regions where surface analysis is carried out to obtain new construction permits and where TOKİ residences are mainly built, hundreds of thousands of earthquake victims are trying to cope with winter conditions in containers. While earthquake victims we spoke to in the Adıyaman region claimed that all containers filled with water in the recent storms, fear of a dark winter has spread in container cities during the seasonal change with snow and storms.


An earthquake survivor living in a container in Adıyaman described his experiences after heavy rain last week: “We had to sleep on the couch with my 3 daughters for 3 days. A stove was not provided, but air conditioning was provided here. Adıyaman weather suffers from severe frosts after 4 or 5 pm. We are on the side of the mountain. “All my rugs and couches are gone,” he said, as many earthquake victims began wrapping containers with tents with their own means. Another earthquake survivor we interviewed stated that he spent the summer without fear, but he began to be afraid with the rain. An earthquake victim who was previously a homeowner and whose house was destroyed said: “We suddenly decreased from 180 square meters to 21 square meters. Water comes out of the window. It is difficult to live with 6 people. They put silicone on the windows. “They set up tents at night,” she said.

They pay a service fee of 800 TL.

Earning a living is one of the biggest problems for earthquake victims. An earthquake survivor said: “They charge us a service fee when we send our children to school. You know, there would be mobile training. I pay a service fee of 800 lira per month. It is said that I should send my child to a nearby school, if the quality of that school is not good, why should I condemn my child to a bad school? “They do mock exams at school, they ask for 10 liras for each exam,” he explained the difficulties they experienced. On the other hand, families indicated that they could not leave their children alone and one person from each family had to work.

Source: Sozcu


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