Humanitarian search reveals magnitude of Gaza disaster

Humanitarian search reveals magnitude of Gaza disaster

As the four-day humanitarian pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas continues, a major humanitarian tragedy occurs in Gaza.

Photographs and images showing the bodies of dead civilians and civilian vehicles hit by Israeli airstrikes along Rashid Street in the western Gaza Strip were posted on social media platforms. In the published videos, the bodies of civilians are seen in the vehicles attacked by the Israeli army.

It became impossible for civil defense vehicles and ambulances to enter the Gaza Strip cordon after Israel intensified its attacks just before the humanitarian pause began.

The Israeli army forced the population of the northern Gaza Strip to migrate south during attacks it launched on October 7.

The four-day humanitarian pause, which provides for the exchange of prisoners between Israel and Hamas, came into effect yesterday morning. In Friday’s first prisoner exchange, 39 Palestinian women and children in Israeli prisons were released in exchange for 13 Israeli women and children with dual nationality who were detained on October 7.

Under the deal between Israel and Hamas, 150 Palestinians will be released from Israeli prisons in exchange for 50 Israeli prisoners during a four-day humanitarian pause, and all hundreds of trucks carrying fuel and medical and first aid supplies will be allowed entry. humanitarian aid. parts of the Gaza Strip. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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