First humanitarian aid after 49 days

First humanitarian aid to northern Gaza after 49 days

As part of the 4-day humanitarian pause that began in Gaza with the agreement between Israel and Hamas, 3 trucks with humanitarian aid material arrived in the northern Gaza Strip for the first time in 49 days.

As part of the humanitarian pause agreed upon by the parties, aid supplies were sent to the northern part of Gaza for the first time since 7 October. Three of the trucks loaded with aid material that entered through the Rafah border gate arrived in northern Gaza yesterday afternoon.

Furthermore, in the written statement made by the Border Gate Commission, affiliated with the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, it is stated that 150 trucks with relief materials entered Gaza, 4 of the trucks were carrying bottled gas and 3 of them were carrying fuel. The statement states that the fuel that entered Gaza was 150,000 liters and the amount of bottled gas was 85 tons, and that the entry of aid materials lasted until 4:55 p.m. yesterday.


In the Gaza Strip, under normal conditions, 400,000 liters of fuel and 500 trucks of goods and products are needed daily. Diesel fuel, which is a primary need in hospitals and allows water to be extracted from wells, is vitally important to the people of Gaza.

When Israel blocked fuel from entering the Gaza Strip, many hospitals were unable to continue operations because they lost power, ambulances were out of service, and doctors had to perform surgeries with the light of mobile phones.

During the first week of the conflict in Gaza, the only power plant in the area stopped producing electricity due to lack of fuel. (AA)

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