Germany prepares to ban prostitution

Germany prepares to ban prostitution

Germany has considered banning prostitution because some politicians worry the country will have a bad reputation.

Sex for money was legalized in Germany in 2002, but the practice is regulated to some extent at the local level.

Now, those who want to repeal the law argue that the law has failed to achieve its goal of improving conditions for sex workers. In 2007, the German government published a report on the impact of the law and found that only 35% of sex workers had improved their working conditions.

Today, some German politicians say that many of the country’s 250,000 sex workers still see no improvement in terms of rights and working conditions in practice.


According to Dorothee Bär, deputy parliamentary group leader of Germany’s two main Christian Democratic parties, the majority of the country’s sex workers come from abroad and are undocumented. This is said to put them at risk of exploitation.

Speaking to Bild, Bär said: “There can be no real equality as long as we accept that hundreds of thousands of women are treated as slaves. This is an attack on human dignity that we must urgently put an end to. Germany has become the brothel of Europe. “Women are subjected to the worst possible treatment.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a member of the center-left SPD, also called for pressure. Scholz said: “I find it unacceptable that men buy women. “This is something that has always made me morally angry.” saying.

But Lisa Paus, Germany’s federal minister for families, seniors, women and youth and a member of the Green Party, said there were no immediate plans to change the current rules. Paus added that the Prostitute Protection Act of 2017 is currently under consideration until 2025.

Source: Sozcu


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