Public employees took to the streets in Germany

Public employees took to the streets in Germany

Germany’s public employees, who were unable to reach an agreement with the government in the second round of collective bargaining, went on a warning strike.

Public employees went on strike in Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg, following a call from unions led by the United Service Sector Union (Ver.di).

Public employees protested in front of the historic Brandenburg Gate, one of the most important symbols of the capital. While classes were canceled in many schools due to the warning strike, some daycares did not open.

The unions announced that more than 10 thousand people participated in the strike in Berlin.

Although collective bargaining continues for the public sector, no agreement was reached in the second round of collective bargaining held to date. Unions led by the Ver.di union are demanding a 10.5 percent pay rise for 1.1 million public sector employees, or an increase of at least 500 euros per month over a 12-month period. The unions also want a “municipal allocation” of 300 euros for Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen.


Andrea Kühnemann, regional director of Ver.di Berlin-Brandenburg, stated that in the second round of negotiations the states did not submit any offers and stated: “This is a lack of respect for employees. Employers offered nothing about salary increases, municipal allowances or improvements to social and educational services. There is a risk that a deal will be reached in Berlin that will further accentuate staff shortages in the public sector. That is why we are increasing the pressure,” she stated.

Harald Schaum, vice president of the German union IG BAU (Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt = Construction-Agriculture-Environment), highlighted that food prices have increased significantly and stated: “Energy costs are rising sharply and rents are skyrocketing. . Prices are increasing in Berlin. “Therefore, our demand for a 10.5% salary increase, or at least 500 euros per month for a period of 12 months and 200 euros for trainees, is fair,” he said.

The third round of negotiations on salary increases for public employees will take place on December 7 and 8. (AA)

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