Controversial claim about Putin’s missing lover

Controversial claim about Putin’s missing lover

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend, Alina Kabayeva, has not been seen in public for a month, giving rise to several rumors.

The Telegram account called General SVR, which previously claimed that Putin was very ill and was replaced by his double, recently made interesting claims about Kabayeva’s disappearance.

General SVR wrote that Kabayeva, a 40-year-old former gymnast, allegedly the mother of Putin’s two children, was punished for leaking secrets about the Kremlin and therefore was not seen in public. According to the publication, the anonymous Kremlin source who leaked the claim that “Putin is dead” was Alina Kabayeva herself.

Noting that the Russian leader’s mistress was placed under house arrest for “sharing a state secret,” the Telegram channel noted that Kabayeva was last seen at a gymnastics tournament in Sochi last month and has not been found since. no trace of her.

Previous claims that Putin was very ill or even dead caused controversy, and the Kremlin denied these reports. It was also claimed that Putin had difficulty moving due to Parkinson’s disease.

Source: Sozcu


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