Remarkable prisoner exchange and Hamas ceasefire declaration

Remarkable prisoner exchange and Hamas ceasefire declaration

Halil al-Hayye, a Hamas official in Lebanon, made his assessments about Israel’s attacks on Gaza and the planned prisoner exchange agreement between Israel and Hamas, at his press conference in Beirut.


Commenting on the possible prisoner exchange and the temporary humanitarian pause in the conflicts, Hayye recalled that they transmitted their final proposals to Qatar yesterday and said: “The ball is now in the court of occupying Israel. “We are waiting for your response”. he said.

A Hamas official said: “If occupying Israel did not want this agreement, it would have already created 100 obstacles.” he said.

“INTEGRAL ceasefire”

Hayye, who did not go into details about the cessation of hostilities, also noted that a “comprehensive ceasefire” is possible. Hayye said:

“We are at a decisive stage in this sense. The aim of this temporary ceasefire is to stop the attacks for a few days, allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza and exchange prisoners, including children and women. “The proposal presented could pave the way for a full-scale ceasefire if occupier Israel wishes.”


Noting that the Israeli army has not achieved any military success on the ground beyond committing “war crimes and terrible massacres” in Gaza, Hayye continued:

“Occupied Israel’s announcement that there were tunnels in Shifa hospital was nonsense that no one believed. “At this point, we reiterate that no hospital or health center has ever been used to manage our movement or for resistance purposes.”

Hayye emphasized that Israeli forces “turned Shifa Hospital and Indonesia Hospital into military barracks” and said: “These neo-Nazis are constantly implementing a policy of systematic massacre, targeting all public and health facilities.” saying.

“Occupied Israel is trying to force the people of Gaza to emigrate out of the Gaza Strip to the south and then to Egypt.” Hayye said: “Our people in Gaza are clinging to their land, they will not leave there, there is no migration or separation. “The fact that hundreds of thousands of our inhabitants in Gaza City and northern Gaza still remain there, despite barbaric attacks and genocide, underlines their determination to remain in their land.” he said. (AA)

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