The sad image has been announced! Death toll rising rapidly

The death toll in the attack on Gaza rose to 14,128

In its statement on the situation in the Gaza Strip on the 46th day of the attacks, the Gaza government’s Media Office stated on its Telegram account that 69 percent of those killed in Gaza since October 7 were women. and kids.

The statement noted that the number of people killed in Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip since October 7 has risen to 14,128, including 5,840 children and 3,920 women.


The number of injured exceeded 33,000, of which 75 percent were women and children, according to the statement.

The statement reported that 6,800 people were missing, 4,500 of whom were women and children, whose bodies were left in the rubble of destroyed buildings or in the streets during the Israeli attacks.

It was highlighted that Israel killed 205 health workers, 22 civil defense officials and 62 journalists in the Gaza Strip in 46 days.


The statement states that 100 public buildings were destroyed in the Israeli attacks, 266 schools were damaged and 66 of them were out of service.

The statement states that Israel completely destroyed 83 mosques and damaged 170 mosques and 3 churches with its attacks.

The statement noted that the number of houses destroyed in the Gaza Strip reached 44,000 and that 233,000 houses were damaged, so more than 60 percent of the houses in the Gaza Strip were damaged during the Israeli attacks.

The statement highlighted that Israel deliberately attacked hospitals and claimed that 26 hospitals and 55 health centers in the Gaza Strip were out of service, 55 ambulances were rendered unusable and dozens of them were out of service due to lack of fuel.

In the statement, it was stated that the Israeli army attacked the Al-Awde and Indonesian hospitals, causing the death of many people, and it was announced that the Israeli forces did not allow the burial of the dead in the Indonesian hospital.

The statement recalled that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is “unprecedentedly” bad, commercial companies have run out of food and bakeries have stopped operating. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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