BRICS joint statement on Gaza

BRICS joint statement on Gaza

An “Extraordinary Joint Meeting on the Situation in the Middle East” was held, where the situation in Gaza was discussed online and attended by the leaders of the BRICS and the leaders of the countries invited to become members of the BRICS.


In the final declaration of the summit, it was announced that all acts of violence, provocation, incitement and destruction were condemned, including war crimes, indiscriminate attacks, attacks against civilian infrastructure and Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

The statement underlined the need to protect civilians in accordance with international law and called for the release of captive civilians.


The statement emphasized that attempts to forcibly remove the people of Gaza from the region and send them to other countries are a violation of the Geneva Convention, and said: “We condemn any mass or individual forced expulsion of Palestinians from their own land.” .

Furthermore, within the framework of the relevant decision of the United Nations General Assembly (UNSC), attention was drawn to the need to ensure continuous, unrestricted, urgent and safe access to humanitarian aid and the importance of compliance with the parts of humanitarian law. .

The statement called for an immediate, permanent and continuous humanitarian ceasefire that puts an end to what is happening, and reiterated strong support for regional and international efforts aimed at protecting civilians and providing humanitarian aid in the region.

While reiterating the commitment to ensuring peace and security in the Middle East within the framework of international law and the United Nations Charter, attention was also drawn to the paramount role of the United Nations Security Council.

The statement also underlined the role played by international organizations, including the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in addressing threats to peace and security.

All relevant parties were called upon to make efforts to prevent further deterioration of stability, an increase in violence and the spread of conflicts in the region.


Finally, the declaration affirmed that the Israeli-Palestinian issue could only be resolved by peaceful means and called for the support of the international community for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and a two-state solution. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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