China: Punishment of Gaza people must end

China: Punishment of Gaza people must end

BRICS leaders and leaders of countries invited to the community at the 15th BRICS Summit held the “Extraordinary Joint Meeting on the Situation in the Middle East” in August, where the situation in Gaza was discussed online.

In his speech at the meeting, Chinese President Xi emphasized that the parties must avoid actions that cause further loss of life and human suffering.

Xi said: “The people of Gaza are forcibly displaced; Collective punishment must be put to an end through the deprivation of electricity, water and fuel.” saying.

Noting the need for safe and open humanitarian aid corridors, Xi called for more humanitarian aid to be provided to the people of Gaza.


Expressing that “China is deeply concerned about the trend of the conflict in Gaza to expand and spread,” Xi said: “The international community must take measures to prevent the conflict from spreading and endangering stability in the Middle East.” he said.

Emphasizing that the root of the problem between Israel and Palestine lies in the prolonged ignoring of the Palestinian people’s right to exist, return to their land and establish a state, Xi stressed that the only realistic way to break this cycle is to give Palestine its rights. legitimate national rights through a two-State solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State.

Emphasizing that permanent peace and security in the Middle East cannot be achieved without a just solution to the Palestinian issue, Xi reiterated his call to establish an international consensus for peace and convene an international peace conference to find a comprehensive, just solution. and sustainable to the Palestinian question. affair. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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