The consumption of dog meat is prohibited

In South Korea it is prohibited to eat dog meat

In South Korea, the government took steps to ban the consumption of dog meat…

While it was noted that pet ownership has recently increased in the country and that South Korean leader Yoon and his wife also own pets, the government made notable statements.

The ruling People’s Power Party in South Korea, under pressure from animal rights organizations, announced that a new law is being prepared. The bill plans to ban the consumption of dog meat in 2027.

Yu Eui-dong of the People’s Power Party said: “It is time to end the social evils caused by the consumption of dog meat. “Recently, the number of people owning pets has increased and pressure from the international community is increasing to ban meat consumption in South Korea,” he said.

In South Korea, some restaurants also serve dog meat, which is grilled or consumed in soups called bosintang, especially during the summer months. It was also reported that these types of restaurants across the country are especially popular with older people.

Source: Sozcu


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