The United States announced the package, the statement came from Zelensky

The United States announced the package, the statement came from Zelensky

The US administration announced that $100 million in additional security assistance will be provided to meet Ukraine’s critical security and defense needs.

The statement from the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) stated that the military aid package includes additional air defense capabilities, artillery munitions, anti-tank weapons and other equipment that will help Ukraine defend its territory.

The statement notes that the $100 million military aid package includes Stinger and TOW anti-aircraft missiles, 155 mm and 105 mm artillery shells, anti-armor systems, more than 3 million small arms ammunition, equipment for cold weather and logistics. equipment.

In the statement, it was stated that this military aid was the 51st tranche of equipment provided to Ukraine by the Biden administration since August 2021, and noted that the United States and its allies provided approximately $36 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.

The statement read: “Security assistance to Ukraine is a smart investment in our national security. “It strengthens our defense industrial base and creates highly skilled jobs for the American people in dozens of states across the country, while helping to prevent further conflict in the region and deter potential attacks elsewhere.”


In his video statement on his social media account, Zelensky assessed his meeting with US Defense Secretary Lloyd James Austin, who came to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, for talks.

Zelensky stated that during the meeting with Minister Austin they discussed the situation and expectations on the battlefield, as well as how to strengthen both defense and movements, and said: “There is a new defense package for our country of the USA. Uh, I’m grateful. . “There will be artillery and bullets, which are especially necessary now,” he said.

Zelensky stated that during the meeting Ukraine’s actions in the Black Sea and the protection of the export corridor were discussed, and stated that freedom of navigation is a fundamental value for the entire world.

President Zelensky said: “Ukraine has shown in the Black Sea that it can expel the attacker it wants to kill from the water area. “I would like to thank all partners who helped us ensure the restoration of international law on our lands and seas,” he said. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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