Call for a five-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Demand for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel: They took measures for women and children

The Washington Post, one of the most respected newspapers in the United States, claimed that a five-day ceasefire agreement had been reached between Israel and Hamas. While the newspaper wrote that the United States mediated the deal, it was stated that the goal was to free women and children in Gaza.

While it was expected that at least 50 hostages would be freed with the ceasefire, the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied the allegations following the newspaper’s report. Netanyahu announced that no agreement had been signed.

The six-page agreement, details of which were shared by the Washington Post, calls for the release of the hostages for five days. Hamas is estimated to have kidnapped approximately 240 hostages in the October 7 attack. Since the start of the war, 4 hostages have been released so far.

Source: Sozcu


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