Green gold pistachios burn pockets

Green gold pistachios burn pockets

Pistachios produced in a highly hygienic environment at Antepsan, one of the world’s largest pistachio processing facilities in Gaziantep, are exported to 10 countries around the world, especially China.

The export price of pistachios, of better quality in both aroma and flavor than pistachios sold by the United States, the world’s largest peanut exporter, is $15 per kilogram. However, the United States exports a kilo of peanuts for 6.6 dollars. This gradually reduces the competitive possibilities of Turkish companies in exports, as they have to process the expensive product and sell it at a price more than double that of their competitors.


Pistachio producers claim that pistachio nuts are currently sold on the market for between 300 and 580 Turkish lira, depending on their quality, and that the reason for the high prices is that pistachio speculators, called “Salwarlı” in the region, collect the product by paying the producer early and then selling it at a high price.

Pistachio operators claim that peanut imports are banned to protect producers: “However, by importing cheap peanuts and processing them in our modern facilities, we can sell cheap peanuts to our citizens and provide a flow of foreign exchange to our country by increasing our exports”. many times.”


Antepsan food engineer Ergün Korkut stated that production with the smart factory system is carried out with a closed-loop system from pre-processing to final packaging and said: “Both the aroma and protein value of the peanuts produced in “These lands, that is, in Mesopotamia, are much higher than those cultivated in the United States and Iran.” The current wholesale price of pistachios, which two years ago were sold at 90 TL, is 400 TL. We are currently trying to find buyers for 14-15 dollars for our peanuts, which we exported for 5 dollars two years ago. However, the United States exports for 6.5 dollars. We are trying to increase our competitive power in the market with the quality of our peanuts, but this makes our export difficult. “The reason for this is that speculators who are not peanut farmers buy peanuts and drive up prices,” he said.


Food engineer Nimet Duygu Dalar said Antep’s selected highest quality peanut, Nizip Barak Plain, is processed in modern facilities and offered for sale both at home and abroad. Recalling that many benefits of peanuts have been revealed as a result of research conducted by experts, Dalar said: “Peanuts are a source of vitamin B6. “It is a food rich in selenium, it prevents the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and has an effect on bone development, which is among the benefits claimed by the scientific world,” he stated.


Experts claim that pistachios are rich in nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B, and they also claim that they contain vitamins A and K.

Although experts highlight that pistachios are a snack that facilitates digestion, increases the feeling of satiety and reduces the risk of overeating, “pistachios consumed 50 grams a day promote greater blood flow by preserving vascular flexibility, reducing glucose levels in the body and reduce cholesterol. levels due to increased HDL in the blood plasma.” is said to have contributed. Experts also claim that the vitamin A contained in pistachios plays a role in bone development, growth and protection against cancer.


Gaziantep pistachio sellers stated that the prices of pistachios have tripled in 1.5-2 years and stated that the quality of this product, which they previously sold for 140 Turkish lira, is now 550 Turkish lira per kilo, and They added: “Back then, people bought 5 kilos, 10 kilos of pistachios. People who came to visit brought packets of peanuts to their spouses and friends. Now the packages have dropped to half a kilo and one kilo. In fact, there are even people who make packages of 250-300 grams. It seems that there will soon be demand for packages of 50 to 100 grams. The worst peanut costs between 350 and 400 TL. People started buying peanuts instead of pistachios. Even these peanuts, which we don’t put on the counter, cost 150 TL per kilo. “It’s a miracle that retirees living on minimum wage eat peanuts,” he said.

We taste peanuts at rich weddings

Citizens said: “When Gaziantep is mentioned, pistachios and baklava immediately come to mind. Everyone thinks we eat baklava and pistachios every day. However, we have come to taste baklava at condolence houses and pistachios at rich weddings. “Pistachios have many health benefits, but a kilo of pistachios we buy will cause more damage to our economy,” he said, complaining about the high price.

Source: Sozcu


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