British press refutes claims from Israel’s Shifa hospital

British press refutes claims from Israel’s Shifa hospital

The Guardian newspaper wrote that “there is insufficient evidence over claims that the Shifa hospital, which was evacuated by Israel, was used as Hamas headquarters.”

The Guardian reported: “Before capturing Shifa Hospital, Israeli Defense Ministry forces went to great lengths to present the medical complex as the Hamas headquarters where attacks against Israel were planned.”

The news noted that “the evidence lags behind the claims” and claimed that “small-scale weapons were included” in the video shared by the Israeli Ministry of Defense about the weapons in the hospital.

The news item stressed that the “small arms” in question indicated a military presence at the hospital, but that there were no traces of weapons, ammunition or a military presence similar to those in the animation released by Israel before the seizure of the Shifa hospital.


British public broadcaster BBC also claimed that even videos that the Israeli Defense Ministry says come from the hospital have become suspicious.

In the news, bbc The commentator was reported to have refuted the claim that a bag of weapons was found behind an MRI machine at Israel’s Shifa Hospital and that he had access to footage showing the weapons were later placed there.


American news channel CNN also noted that images shared by the Israeli military from Shifa Hospital and images taken by international media outlets were “contradictory” and stated that the condition of weapons displayed in the hospital was suspicious.

CNN noted that more weapons were seen in the images from Fox News, one of the media outlets that went to the hospital, than in the images shared by Israel from Shifa Hospital, and stated that “the weapons in the hospital may have been placed later “

In the video recording shared by Israel, it was seen that there was an AK-47 type pistol in the bag behind the MRI device, while CNN revealed that there were two AK-47 type weapons in the video recording taken by Fox News, He was allowed to tour the hospital.

In its news, CNN asked: “While there was an AK-47-type weapon in the first Israeli forces video, where did the second weapon (AK-47) in the Fox News video come from?” posed the question.

CNN stressed that the evaluation question addressed to the Israeli Ministry of Defense regarding the “contradiction in video recordings” remained unanswered.

Raid on ŞİFA Hospital

On the morning of October 15, the Israeli army raided Shifa Hospital, the largest health center in the region, where thousands of patients and civilians displaced in Gaza were located.

Some images that Israel claimed to have found in the building instead of the tunnels and ammunition depots after the attack sparked criticism. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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