The wait continues for the 40 workers trapped in the tunnel

Work was interrupted: 40 workers have not yet been rescued in India

The authorities, who detected that the drilling rig was damaged due to the creaking noise coming from inside the tunnel during the works, stopped the rescue efforts.

The authorities stated that they are waiting for new machines to arrive in the region so that the work can continue where they left off.

Disaster management official Devendra Patwal said debris removal efforts have progressed 24 meters so far. Patwal estimates that the workers were at a depth of about 60 meters.

A portion of the tunnel under construction in India collapsed during road work on November 12.

Authorities had stated that at least 40 workers were trapped in the rubble and were supplied with oxygen and food through the pipeline.

Some of the workers under the rubble were reported to have developed health problems. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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