Great panic in Sifa hospital… Israeli army expels patients

Great panic in Sifa hospital… The Israeli army is expelling patients

The Israeli army forcibly deported all refugees and most of the patients from Gaza’s Shifa hospital, which had been under siege for days.

Sources from the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the Israeli army wants the evacuation of the Shifa hospital, where patients, wounded, displaced people and medical personnel are located. It was stated that the siege of the hospital by the Israeli army continues and that its search and excavation work inside the hospital continues.

Hospital officials emphasize that it is impossible to transport hundreds of civilians, seriously ill patients and premature babies while shelling continues outside and ambulances cannot even get close to the hospital.

Many newborns lost their lives in the hospital surrounded by Israel. (AA)


On November 15, the Israeli army raided Shifa Hospital, the largest health center in the region, where thousands of patients and civilians displaced in Gaza were located. Israel presented as evidence rusty weapons and several cameras it claimed to have found in the building instead of tunnels and ammunition depots after the attack, sparking criticism.

Hamas warned against the “massacre” carried out by the Israeli army in the attack on the Shifa hospital in Gaza and blamed Israel, the United States and the international community for the safety of medical personnel, the wounded and the thousands of displaced Palestinians in the zone. hospital. (AGENCIES)

Source: Sozcu


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