Climate change hits anchovy

Climate change hits anchovy

Ramazan Özkaya, President of the Central Union of Fisheries Cooperatives, stated that climate change has a negative impact on fishing in the Black Sea and said: “Due to the high water temperature in the Black Sea, our fishermen have difficulties in hunting. , especially them “I can’t catch anchovies.”

Özkaya reminded the AA correspondent that the sea fishing season began on September 1 and said that the fishermen are working hard.

Özkaya noted that the fishing industry has also been affected by the climate change that has been felt around the world in recent years: “The sea water temperature in the Black Sea is around 19 degrees. This is not very suitable for fishing. When the water is warm, the fish do not gather. Due to the high temperatures in the Black Sea, our fishermen have difficulties in fishing, especially they cannot catch anchovies. That is why this year we cannot see many anchovies in the stalls.” he made the assessment of it.


Stating that anchovy is abundant this year, Özkaya said: “We expect the sea water temperature in the Black Sea to drop to 15 degrees in the middle of next month. In other words, when the temperature drops in the Black Sea around December 15, anchovy will brighten our stalls. Consequently, we expect anchovy prices to drop. ” he said.

Özkaya stated that the priority of fishermen should be sustainability in the seas: “The seas are our common existence. We need to leave it to future generations. “Our fishermen should hunt according to established rules and citizens should be sensitive to this issue.” saying. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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