The fight to save newborns in Gaza

The fight to save newborns in Gaza

The World Health Organization (WHO) is reportedly working with Egyptian authorities to facilitate the evacuation of babies housed in the Israeli-besieged Shifa Hospital, and negotiations continue with the Israel Defense Forces.

According to ABC News, Dr. Richard Brennan stated that the lack of fuel and the security situation made evacuation difficult. Brennan said the WHO has not been able to contact hospitals in northern Gaza for days and said: “This is a completely desperate situation.”

Brennan stated that they were trying to form a convoy to move to Shifa Hospital for the evacuation of newborns, premature babies and intensive care patients, but this required a lot of planning and said: “Most Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances do not are working correctly.” Now, we brought an ambulance from Egypt and brought it to Shifa hospital.” “We’re thinking about taking him to the hospital,” she said.

According to the latest information obtained by the WHO, there are approximately 600 patients, 280 staff members and 2,500 displaced people in Shifa Hospital, where Israeli soldiers attacked.

Shifa Hospital, the largest health center in Gaza, became the main target of Israeli attacks.


Meanwhile, the Israeli military claimed that there was a tunnel used by Hamas in the Shifa hospital. While Hamas rejected the claim that the hospital was used as a headquarters, the Israeli army repeated the accusation that the Palestinian organization used civilians in the hospital as a “human shield”, arguing that a large quantity of weapons. hospital.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US television CBS that efforts to minimize civilian deaths in Gaza have so far failed. Netanyahu claimed that Hamas was preventing civilians from going to safe areas.

According to UN data, the death toll in Gaza, where 2.3 million people live, since the war broke out on October 7, has exceeded 11,500, and at least 4,700 of them are children. (AGENCIES)

Source: Sozcu


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