Zelenskiy: Russia used its military infrastructure to cause chaos

Zelenskiy: Russia used its military infrastructure to cause chaos

The 62nd General Assembly of the Black Sea Parliamentary Assembly of Economic Cooperation (BSEC) was held in kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The meeting, chaired by the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, was attended by representatives of the PABSEC member countries.

At the opening of the meeting, in which Turkey was represented by AK Eskişehir party deputy Fatih Dönmez and his accompanying delegation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy gave a speech via video conference.

Zelenskiy affirmed that the Black Sea is of great importance and said: “The Black Sea is one of the foundations of global security. Our people, together with our partners, are the guarantors of this security.” he made the assessment of it.

Stating that Russia took “aggressive” actions against the international order in the Black Sea, Zelenskiy said: “Russia has used its military infrastructure for many years to disrupt the normal life of several villages in Crimea. Russia used the Black Sea in its 2008 aggression against Georgia and to incite war and chaos in the Middle East, especially Syria. “The hybrid war against Ukraine and all of Europe began with the capture of Crimea.” the said.

Zelenskiy stated that Russia attempted to use the Black Sea region against the entire world with the start of the war and said: “Russia blocked our ports and deliberately destroyed our port and export infrastructure to disrupt the global food market and thus provoke a new chaos in various parts of the world.” he said.


Zelenskiy highlighted that cooperation between the countries of the Black Sea region with the support of their partners demonstrates that stability can be restored to the global food market and said:

“We have been able to ensure security in the western part of the Black Sea and this guarantees the functioning of our maritime export corridors. The Danube region, which is critical for global food security, is gaining importance. In the Black Sea we were able to wrest the initiative from Russia and create security conditions that forced the aggressor to flee to the eastern part of the sea and hide its warships. For the first time in the world, the Ukrainian fleet of unmanned marine vehicles began operating in the Black Sea. Russia can no longer use the Black Sea to destabilize the situation in other parts of the world. “This is one of our most important achievements.”

Volodymyr Zelenskiy expressed his gratitude to all leaders of countries who help maintain international order and ensure peace and security and said: “I would like to thank our neighbors in the region, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova, for defending global security”. he said.

Emphasizing the importance of cooperation in the Black Sea region, Zelenskiy stated that the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization must be revitalized and activated, saying: “It is important to use this platform to integrate the Black Sea region into the security area and global economy and to restore a just peace. saying. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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