“Israel is committing genocide”

UN rapporteurs: Israel is committing genocide

A written statement on Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian people was published with the signatures of 33 UN rapporteurs in different fields. The statement, which called on the international community to prevent genocide against the Palestinian people, stated that Israel was committing genocide with its grave violations against Palestinians in Gaza.

The statement noted that the growing provocations of genocide reveal evidence of Israel’s clear intention to “destroy the occupied Palestinian people” and strong calls to carry out the “second Nakba” in Gaza and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Recalling that the rapporteurs had previously expressed concern about the risk of genocide in Gaza, the statement said: “We are deeply concerned by the fact that countries did not heed our call and an immediate ceasefire was not achieved. “We are deeply concerned about the support of some countries for Israel’s method of war against the people of Gaza and the failure of the international system to mobilize to prevent genocide.” Expressions were used.

The statement emphasized that the reality in Gaza is a huge disaster with unbearable pain and trauma experienced by survivors, and stated that such terrible violations cannot be justified “in the name of self-protection” after the Hamas attacks on October 7. .

The statement said: “For Israel’s reaction to be legitimate, it must be within the framework of international humanitarian law. “The presence of underground tunnels in some parts of Gaza does not eliminate the civilian status of people and infrastructure that may not be directly targeted or may suffer disproportionate harm.” Statements were included.


The statement called on Israel and Hamas to implement a ceasefire in the short term and noted that urgently needed humanitarian aid should be allowed to reach the people of Gaza unhindered.

The statement stated that Hamas should release the hostages unconditionally and safely, and also stressed that Palestinians arbitrarily detained by Israel should be released immediately.

The statement also called for the opening of humanitarian corridors to the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Israel for the sick, disabled, elderly and children most affected by the conflict, and noted that an international protection structure should be deployed under UN supervision in the territories. busy. Palestinian territories.

“We remind UN member states that the situation at stake is not only the fate of Israelis and Palestinians, but that a serious escalation of the conflict in the region will lead to further human rights violations and the suffering of innocent civilians,” it says. the notice. Expressions were used.


The UN special rapporteurs are known as part of the process recognized as special mechanisms of the Human Rights Council.

The special “independent” mechanisms of the UN Human Rights system stand out as independent information-gathering and monitoring mechanisms of the Council that address the situation of a particular country or thematic issues in other parts of the world.

Experts from special mechanisms that do not exist within the UN carry out their work voluntarily and independently. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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