Eight shadow ministers resign in England

Eight shadow ministers resign in England

In the session of the British Parliament, following the speech of King Charles III of England in parliament last week, the amendment proposal presented by the Scottish National Party (SNP) calling for an “immediate ceasefire in Gaza” was discussed.

Parliament rejected the motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza by 293 votes to 125.

Despite main opposition leader Starmer’s stance of rejecting calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, 8 shadow ministers who supported the motion calling for a ceasefire announced that they resigned from their positions before and after of the vote.

In addition, 56 Labor Party deputies voted in favor of the ceasefire in Gaza.

MP Imran Hussain also resigned from his position as shadow minister responsible for the New Deal for employees on November 8 due to the opposition leader’s statements on the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts and his rhetoric against the Gaza ceasefire. .


On the other hand, the leader of the main opposition party, the Labor Party, presented his own party’s amendment proposal, which emphasized the scope of civilian casualties and humanitarian aid in Gaza, but abstained from supporting the ceasefire.

The Labor Party motion was also rejected by 290 votes to 183.

Thus, the British Parliament rejected both motions calling for a ceasefire and a pause in humanitarian aid. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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