17 city hospitals swallowed 875 hospital funds

17 city hospitals swallowed 875 hospital funds

It has been reported that the public cannot properly access health services due to the huge amounts of money spent on the city’s hospitals. The General Health and Labor Union estimated that city hospitals have 6 times more budget expenditures per hospital than public hospitals, and only 17 city hospitals were built with the money that could be built for 875 public hospitals. General Health and Labor Union President Dr. Derya Uğur said that the health budget is spent on rent for city hospitals, so people cannot receive adequate health services.


In the union study, which states that 11.4 percent of the Ministry of Health’s 2024 budget was allocated to city hospitals, it is stated that there was a 38 percent increase in the service fee and a 108 percent increase percent in the rental price of these hospitals. The study included the information that in 2024 26 billion 143 million TL were allocated to the city hospitals under the name of ‘service fee’ and 57 billion 554 million TL as rental fee, and the 1-day rental of city hospitals reached a record level. of 229 million Turkish liras.

The union reported that while 800.6 million lira per hospital were allocated to hospitals affiliated with the ministry, the subsidy transferred to each hospital in the city exceeded 4.9 billion lira, and that the cost per hospital of urban hospitals was 6 times higher than that of state hospitals. In the report, which indicates that the daily cost of a bed in urban hospitals is 8 thousand 244 TL and the annual cost is 3 million TL, it is stated that 875 state hospitals with 600 beds each can be built with payments that will be done to 17 hospitals in the city for 25 years.


General Health Union President Derya Uğur said: “Pandemics and earthquakes have revealed more clearly the importance of preventive healthcare. Despite this, the ministry’s budget is used to rent hospitals in the city. The main duty of the Ministry is not to treat citizens, but to protect them from diseases. Citizens who are unable to eat adequately and healthily due to rising inflation are finding it difficult to access preventive health services. “Health services are being disrupted due to wrong policies and the financial burden on the state is increasing,” he said.

Source: Sozcu


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