The FBI announced… Numerous investigations into events in the Middle East

The FBI announced… Numerous investigations into events in the Middle East

“In a year when the threat of terrorism was already high, the ongoing war in the Middle East has taken the threat of attacks against Americans in the United States to a whole new level,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in his speech before the House. of Representatives of the National Security Committee.


The FBI director stated that, as a result of the “numerous investigations” they have initiated, terrorist organizations are not yet at a level where they can launch an attack in the United States, but that people in the United States. that are affected by the calls they make through communication tools are “concerned” about the possibility of an attack.

Wray said:

“Given these calls to action, our immediate concern is that individuals or small groups could take perverse inspiration from events in the Middle East and launch attacks against their own countries here. “This includes domestic violent extremists inspired by a foreign terrorist organization, as well as domestic violent extremists who attack American Jews or other religious communities, such as American Muslims.”


In his speech, Wray gave examples of recent events in the United States in this regard, such as “a suspect in Houston who published posts about the murder of Jews and an American who killed a 6-year-old Muslim boy in Chicago.”

The FBI director stated that they are examining Hamas connections abroad and that they “do not rule out” the possibility of a possible attack in the United States.


It is noteworthy that FBI Director Wray’s speech coincided with the moment before the corresponding article of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which authorized his agency to monitor the conversations of foreigners abroad (including conversations with US citizens) through all types of communication tools. , expired in December.

To convince committee members, Wray said: “Imagine, with the rapidly evolving situation in the Middle East, a foreign terrorist organization abroad changing its intentions and unexpectedly directing an agent to plan to launch an attack in our backyard “, saying that FISA’s powers would continue. He pointed out the importance of doing so.

The way the FBI used this authority, which is set to expire in December, had previously been criticized by both houses of the US Congress. (AA)

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