German media: Turks use new route to come illegally

German media: Turks use new route to come illegally

Bild, one of Germany’s most read newspapers, made a notable statement ahead of the visit of President Erdoğan, who is preparing to travel to Germany this week…

While this issue is on the agenda in Germany, which has recently been fighting against illegal immigration and many Turks have entered the country illegally, Bild stated that a new illegal immigration route has been created.

Bild examined the route preferred by refugees on the “Balkan Route” map it published.

The newspaper claimed that human traffickers were taking people from Turkey to Europe through Serbia. The newspaper said: “The Serbian state airline sells one-way tickets to Belgrade for 122 euros. “After allowing the refugees to arrive, the Serbs turn a blind eye to their trucking,” he said.

According to Bild, according to official data, until the end of September, 1,970 illegal cases had been detected, of which 406 had been detected on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. Officials who spoke to the newspaper said: “During interrogations, the refugees said they flew to Serbia and then entered Germany illegally.”

Lately, the number of Turks going to Germany illegally has increased.

It was also claimed that the illegals entered through Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czechia, Austria and Germany. It was also claimed that there was a huge increase in the use of this “Balkan route” in the third quarter of 2023. Bild stated that human traffickers charge between 1,000 and 10,000 euros per person, and that this price varies depending on factors such as distance, route and risk of being caught.

Speaking to Bild, CDU politician Knut Abraham said: “Scholz should persuade Erdogan to sign a new refugee agreement.”

Source: Sozcu


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