15,000 babies to be born in Gaza are at serious risk…

15,000 babies to be born in Gaza are at serious risk…

A notable warning came as Israeli attacks on Gaza continued. Save The Children’s written statement highlighted that the 15,000 babies due to be born in Gaza before the end of the year are at serious risk due to increased violence and underlined that there is a crisis in healthcare. water and food in the region.

The statement states that this study by the organization on baby births was based on the latest data from the United Nations (UN), which estimates that approximately 180 women give birth in Gaza every day. Furthermore, citing a recent study, it was stated that multiple birth rates in the occupied Palestinian territories were also taken into account.


The statement stated that approximately 15 percent of women who give birth in Gaza are “likely” to experience complications related to pregnancy or childbirth and made the following assessments:

“Save the Children found that more than 66,000 babies are expected to be born in Gaza this year, and 5,500 pregnant women will give birth next month, at a time when people are deprived of basic needs. There is a shortage of drinking water, food and medicine are decreasing. “Hospitals and healthcare facilities, already facing serious problems, are being attacked, leaving thousands of patients, including pregnant women and newborns, in grave danger.”

The statement noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that more than half of Gaza’s hospitals are currently “non-functional” and, according to media reports, there are premature babies at Shifa Hospital, the largest in Gaza. , needs to survive in these conditions. It was reported to have been wrapped in aluminum foil and placed near hot water.


Save the Children Palestine director Jason Lee said in his statement on the issue: “Babies in Gaza are born into a nightmare, a humanitarian disaster. Their families are deprived of basic needs. “Pregnant women give birth without medical attention and premature babies die in incubators.” he said.

Lee stressed that fuel must be allowed into Gaza to run generators in hospitals and that health facilities must be protected, saying: “Violence must stop. We need a ceasefire. “We need this now.” he made the assessment of it.


While Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, launched a comprehensive attack on the morning of October 7, claiming to “respond to Israel’s continued violations against the Palestinians and their sacred values, especially the Masjid al-Aqsa”, the Israeli army also launched intense airstrikes against the Gaza Strip. The bombing began.

Israel announced that 1,200 Israelis, including 365 soldiers, have been killed and 5,132 people have been injured since October 7, 46 of them in clashes inside the Gaza Strip and 6 in the north, on the Lebanese border.

According to Israel, there are 239 Israeli prisoners held by the Qassam Brigades.

According to the Gaza government, the death toll exceeded 11,320, of which at least 4,650 were children and 3,145 were women.

In the West Bank and Jerusalem, Israeli forces and Jewish settlers killed 197 Palestinians.

The Israeli army attacked the campuses or main buildings of dozens of Gaza hospitals, where tens of thousands of wounded and civilians took refuge, to force their evacuation. Hundreds of people were killed and injured in the attacks.

74 Hezbollah members have been killed in clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah since October 8. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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