Israeli army attacks intensive care unit

Israeli army attacks intensive care unit

According to images shared by the Gaza Ministry of Health, the intensive care unit of the Shifa hospital, which was under siege by the Israeli army and on alert due to a lack of fuel supply, was hit.

In the images, doctors are seen having difficulty breathing due to the dust from the explosion in the area.

Doctors reported that intensive care patients, who were previously relocated within the hospital due to attacks and lack of fuel, were evacuated to another area.


According to the images, more than 30 babies were taken out of their incubators in the neonatal department of Şifa Hospital and transferred to a safer and more suitable place in the arms of hospital staff and civilian volunteers.

The hospital hallways that doctors passed through while carrying babies were seen to be filled with patient beds containing the wounded, and that the same hallways were also occupied by civilians who were displaced because their homes were bombed and they took shelter. at the hospital.


On the other hand, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari claimed that Hamas was using hospitals and said that Gaza hospitals “will lose their special protection before the international court” for this reason.

Hagari’s statement was perceived as an acceptance that the hospitals he attacked in Gaza in the attacks that have continued since October 7 have international protected status. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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