Terrible toll in Gaza… The death toll increases with each passing moment

Terrible number of victims in Gaza… The death toll increases every moment

Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue. Information about Israel’s attacks on Gaza was provided in the statement by the Gaza government’s press office. The statement notes that 198 health workers, 22 civil defense workers and 51 journalists died in Israel’s attacks.

The statement states that the Israeli army has killed 11,320 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since October 7, and it is stated that 4,650 of the dead were children and 3,145 were women.

The statement reported that the number of injured reached 29,200, 70 percent of whom were women and children, and 1,500,000 people were displaced in the Gaza Strip.


The statement stated that there were people in the rubble of buildings destroyed in the Israeli attacks and highlighted that 3,600 people, including 1,755 children, are reported missing.

The statement states that 25 hospitals and 52 health centers were out of service and 55 ambulances were unusable due to the Israeli attacks.

The statement states that the operating rooms at the Sifa hospital were out of service due to a power outage and lack of fuel, and that the Israeli army killed 40 people in recent days by attacking everything that moved in the besieged hospital. . facilities.

The statement notes that places of worship were also attacked and that Israel completely destroyed 72 mosques and damaged 3 churches and 156 mosques with its attacks.

The statement states that 42,000 houses were destroyed and a total of 223,000 houses were damaged by Israel’s attacks, and this figure corresponded to approximately 60 percent of the total number of houses in the Gaza Strip.


The statement states that Israel attacked 255 schools, 63 of them were out of service and 95 government facilities were destroyed.

The statement recalled that communication and Internet services will be completely suspended in the Gaza Strip starting November 16 due to fuel shortages.

The statement warned that cutting off communications and the Internet in the Gaza Strip would have dangerous repercussions and terrible consequences, and emphasized that this situation meant the complete concealment of war crimes committed by the Israeli army. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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