Prime minister dismissed and accused of “treason”

Prime minister dismissed and accused of “treason”

The British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, harshly criticized the Prime Minister in the letter she shared on her X account after she was fired yesterday by British Prime Minister Sunak.

In her letter, Suella Braverman claimed that she had been successful during her tenure, saying: “Although you were rejected by the majority of party members in the leadership race in the summer and therefore did not have a personal mandate to become Prime Minister, I “Agreed to support you (Sunak) because of the strong assurances you gave me on key policy priorities.” he said.

Braverman accused Sunak of “clearly and repeatedly failing to deliver on every one of his core policies” on reducing illegal immigration, the passage of migrant boats and the Northern Ireland Protocol, and accused the Prime Minister of betraying his promise to the public.

Braverman also claimed Sunak was “lazy, weak and lacked the leadership qualities the UK needs” for failing to stop last week’s march in support of Palestine in London.

Asked about Braverman’s criticism of Prime Minister Sunak, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office Number 10 said: “The Prime Minister believes in actions, not words.” he replied he.


Braverman, known in the United Kingdom for his hate speech, his hostility towards immigrants and his stance against demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine, was fired yesterday by the Prime Minister.

The tension that began when Suella Braverman accused London police of “taking sides” by allowing demonstrations in support of Palestine that began after Israel’s attacks on Palestine sparked intense debates and calls for resignation.

Braverman called the Palestine solidarity marches, held every week in London since October 14, a “march of hate” and accused the police of “applying double standards” when it comes to Palestinian protests.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Sunak appointed Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to replace Braverman, whom he dismissed. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron became the new Foreign Secretary. (AA)

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