They filed a lawsuit against Biden, who unconditionally supports Israel

They filed a lawsuit against Biden, who unconditionally supports Israel

The US-based human rights organization “Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)” announced that it has filed a lawsuit against US President Joe Biden and his administration alleging that they failed to prevent the “genocide” against the people of Gaza.

CCR filed the complaint on behalf of several Palestinian groups, including non-governmental organizations such as “Al-Haq” and “Defense for Children International.”

The complaint said: “This case was brought on behalf of the Palestinians to fulfill the world’s most fundamental and important legal and moral obligation, that is, the obligation to prevent genocide, which means the destruction of a people.”

In the petition, which argues that the ongoing “genocide” in Gaza has been made possible by the “unconditional support” provided to Israel by defendants Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the ” Israel’s closest and closest ally” military support” It was noted that the United States currently “has the tools available to create a deterrent effect on Israeli officials who are carrying out acts of genocide” against the people of Gaza.


The petition also accused Biden and his administration of rejecting calls for a ceasefire or limiting Israel’s use of American military aid despite “staggering civilian casualties.”

Katherine Gallagher, one of the CCR lawyers who filed the lawsuit, said in a statement: “For the past five weeks, President Biden and Ministers Blinken and Austin have stood by the Israeli government, which has clearly stated its intention to destroy the people of Gaza. “They continued to provide both military and political support to Israel’s genocidal campaign and did not establish red lines, while neighborhoods, hospitals and shelters for displaced people were bombed and more than 2.2 million people were placed under total siege.”

Gallagher emphasized that the United States has a clear and binding obligation to prevent “genocide” rather than perpetuate it, but has failed to uphold its legal and moral duties to end this horror. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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