Israeli Minister: The pressure will increase, but…

Israeli Minister: The pressure will increase, but…

In his press conference, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen spoke about his country’s attacks on Gaza since October 7.

Cohen said that his meetings with his diplomatic counterparts emphasized the humanitarian situation in Gaza and requested a ceasefire from Israel, although some of them were not public.

However, Cohen stated that as time passed and images emerged of the fallout from Israel’s operation in Gaza, the international community took steps to pressure Israel.


The Israeli minister said he thought international pressure against the ground operation would increase within two or three weeks, but stressed that Israel’s military activities would continue despite the demands of the international community, saying: “We will continue as planned.”

Cohen argued that the issue of Israeli captives held by Hamas is “one of the main tools that gives Israel the legitimacy to continue the war today,” and stated that “the world has accepted” that Israel will not stop until all captives are freed. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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