The names of the special days were changed and the crisis broke out

The names of the special days were changed and the crisis broke out

Claims that the names of special days such as “Şeb-i Yalda”, the longest night celebrated by Iranians with various events, and “Wednesday Suri”, which refers to the last Wednesday of the year, have been changed have caused controversy.

The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran announced that next year’s calendar will include the Day of Spreading the Culture of Dawah and Establishing Links with Relatives, along with Shab-i Yelda, which falls on December 21 , and in its place the “Gifts to Neighbors”. of “Suri Wednesday”, which is celebrated on the last Wednesday of the year according to the Hijri Shamsi calendar. Added the phrase “day.”

After this decision, reactions arose in different parts of the country.

Iranian Parliament member Kazim Dilhush Abateri reacted to the decision and said lawmakers should not interfere in these matters. Speaking to the Iranian Workers’ News Agency, Abateri said: “The names of such special days are the names that cause people’s happiness. “I think neither parliament nor legislators should get involved in this matter,” he said.


The Secretariat of the General Council of Culture published a written statement on the subject.

In the statement published under the title “Şeb-i Yelda and Çarşamba Suri were not removed from the calendar”, these accusations were denied.

In the statement, it was stated that some changes were made to the names of the days in the calendar and that Şeb-i Yelda was among the country’s cultural values ​​and Çarşamba Suri had an important place in society.

“Şebi Yelda”, which means the longest night, is celebrated on December 21, the longest night of the year. Çarşamba Suri, which means Red Wednesday, is celebrated on the last Wednesday night of the year before the New Year (Nevruz) in Iran. (AA)

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