He gestured to Trump on camera.

He gestured to Trump on camera.

Former President Donald Trump, one of America’s controversial names who is taking steps to become the Republican nominee in next year’s election, encountered an unexpected reaction at an event he attended the other day.

Nia Renee Hill, the wife of American comedian and actor Bill Burr, who was sitting next to Trump, made a notable move for the cameras while watching the fight held at Madison Square Garden in New York.

While there was huge applause when Trump entered the room, the cameras zoomed in as Trump sat down. Nia Renee Hill, 54, who stood at Trump’s side, which included names like Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson and Dana White, looked at the cameras and made a sign with both hands. After making fists with his hands, Hill raised the middle fingers of both hands and made a “hand gesture” toward Trump.

While Trump, 77, did not see this move, Hill did not make any statement on the issue. While these images of Trump broke the social media sharing record, there were many comments and criticisms.

Source: Sozcu


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