Premature babies die one by one at Shifa hospital, targeted by Israel

Premature babies die one by one at Shifa hospital, targeted by Israel

A great human tragedy is taking place in the Sifa hospital, targeted by Israel, which bombed Gaza.

While many people lost their lives when Israel intensified its attacks on Gaza’s largest hospital, where thousands of civilians took refuge, seriously ill patients and newborn babies began to die when activities ceased.

Thousands of Gazans were trapped in Shifa hospital under the Israeli siege.


Those leaving the hospital where thousands of Gazans were trapped were reportedly targeted by Israeli missiles and snipers.

Doctors and nurses are struggling to keep babies born prematurely and removed from inoperable incubators alive, and seriously injured patients in the hospital, where they have been left without power, water and food.

The non-governmental organization Medical Aid for Palestinians stressed that it is impossible to transfer babies from the Şifa hospital to safe places. Authorities noted that ambulances could not get close to the hospital and were exposed to Israeli attacks, and noted that if a ceasefire is not declared, all the babies will soon die.


Şifa hospital officials also announced that some of the nearly 40 babies died and three nurses were killed in the bombing. It was noted that the hospital infrastructure was severely damaged during the bombing.

The hospital’s chief surgeon, Dr. Marwan Abu Sayda, rejected the claim that the building was used by Hamas and called the claim that Israel helped evacuate the hospital a “big lie.”

Hamas also announced that it is not part of the management of Shifa Hospital and does not participate in the decision-making mechanism.

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “The situation at Sifa Hospital is very serious. There is a catastrophic increase in patient deaths. “Unfortunately, the hospital can no longer function as a hospital,” he said.

Source: Sozcu


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