The drop in prices for second-hand cars continues

The drop in prices for second-hand cars continues

While the number of sales in the second-hand online passenger and light commercial vehicle market in Turkey decreased by approximately 5 percent in October compared to September and 7 percent compared to the same period last year, Retail vehicle prices decreased by 1.54 percent on average. .

According to data collected from Indicata’s second-hand online market report, October saw the highest number of listings of the year.

10,009 more corporate announcements were published compared to September and 29,492 more than in October of last year. It was observed that 134,259 ads were sold, which represents 35 percent of the 388,283 corporate ads published in October.

In this context, there was a 5 percent decrease in sales compared to September and a 7 percent decrease compared to October last year.

In the January-October period of this year, a 10 percent increase in sales was recorded compared to the same period last year.

According to the analysis carried out by examining the price evolution of 139,335 advertisements for 253 models of the 32 best-selling brands in the online market for second-hand light commercial and passenger vehicles, in October retail prices in this market decreased by 1 .54. percent compared to the previous month. Last month, vehicle prices decreased by 2.59 percent month-on-month.


When evaluated by engine type, diesel cars had the largest share in that market last month with sales of 82,412 units.

Diesel cars were followed by gasoline cars with 47,06 sales and gas cars with 3,413 sales. The number of sales of hybrid cars was 908 and the number of sales of second-hand electric cars was 520. In October 2022, 376 second-hand electric cars were sold.

40 percent of passenger cars sold last month were C-segment vehicles. Compared to October 2022, the share of sales of S-segment and SUV vehicles in total passenger vehicle sales increased. In October there was an increase in the sales share of the D SUV, S and C SUV segments compared to September. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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