Great support for Palestine… Hundreds of police on alert

Great support for Palestine… Hundreds of police on alert

The London police have been alerted by the solidarity march with the Palestinian people that will be held today in London, the capital of England.

According to the BBC, the police are taking precautions against possible street incidents since the march coincides with the day commemorating the end of the First World War. Right-wing groups are also expected to hold a counter-demonstration in London.

The organizers predict that 500 thousand people will be able to participate in the march. The march, which will call for a ceasefire in Gaza, will start from London’s famous Hyde Park.

Some 2,000 police officers were assigned to take precautions in London. The police will not allow those who will participate in the march to approach the Israeli and US embassies.


London Police Deputy Chief Laurence Taylor, who led the security operation, said: “Police are likely to have to use force” in response to possible breaches.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which organized the march, rejected calls to postpone the march, saying the march would not pass by the memorial.

London has been the scene of numerous protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza since October 7.

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