Israeli professor arrested after criticizing Gaza attacks

Israeli professor arrested after criticizing Gaza attacks

An Israeli teacher who opposed Israel’s attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip and shared messages of solidarity with Gaza on social media has been detained and suspended from his job.

The Israeli police statement said a high school teacher was detained and suspended from his job for “accusing Israeli soldiers of raping Palestinian women and legitimizing the Hamas attacks on October 7.”

According to the statement, which also included some social media posts by the Israeli who teaches history, the professor described Israeli soldiers as “child killers.” The police statement states that the professor “legitimized the actions of the enemy and helped the enemy in times of war with fabricated accusations.”

In one of his posts, the teacher said: “Didn’t Israeli soldiers rape Palestinian women? “They’ve been doing this since 1948, but it’s not in the textbooks,” he said.

The teacher was seen sharing posts criticizing Israel’s violations in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. Sharing information about two Palestinians, aged 14 and 24, killed by Israeli soldiers, the teacher wrote: “Today, the bloodbath continues in the West Bank.”

On the other hand, a group of protesters gathered in front of the West Jerusalem District Court, where the case against him was being processed, to support the Israeli professor. In images posted on social media, Israeli police are seen chasing the group out of the area they were in. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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