UNICEF Gaza warning: 1 million children are on the brink

UNICEF Gaza warning: 1 million children are on the brink

UNICEF’s written statement states that the almost total collapse of the health system and the lack of services throughout the Gaza Strip, especially in the northern part, threaten the lives of children.

The statement states that the Rantisi and Nasr children’s hospitals were exposed to numerous attacks and that no services were provided in these hospitals during the last 24 hours, except for the intensive care and pediatric intensive care units.

The statement stated that other children’s hospitals in the northern part of Gaza were out of service due to fuel shortages and attacks.

The statement, which included statements by UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Adele Hudr, noted that children in Gaza had been stripped of their right to life.

Hudr said: “The children of Gaza, especially those in the north, are on the brink. There are still thousands of children in northern Gaza. These children have nowhere to go and are in grave danger. “We call for an immediate end to attacks on children’s health facilities and for the provision of fuel and medical supplies to be guaranteed.” (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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