Israel attacked 6 hospitals in Gaza

Israel attacked 6 hospitals in Gaza

In its attacks on Gaza since October 7, the Israeli army continues to attack the wounded and sick, as well as hospitals where thousands of displaced Palestinians are taking refuge.

Finally, in one day, violent attacks were carried out on or around Sifa Hospital, Indonesian Hospital, Nasr Children’s Hospital, Rantisi Children’s Hospital, Al-Awde Children’s Hospital, and Jerusalem Hospital.

Six people lost their lives in the intense attacks carried out by Israeli forces around Shifa Hospital, the largest health center in the blockaded Gaza, where thousands of wounded and displaced civilians took refuge. As a result of the bombing of a polyclinic building on the Şifa Hospital campus, many Palestinians, including women and children, were killed.

The Israeli army, which continues its continuous attacks against the Gaza Strip, also attacked the surroundings of the Al-Awde and Indonesian hospitals. Israeli warplanes also directly attacked the Rantisi Specialized Children’s Hospital in the Gaza Strip. While the Nasr Children’s Hospital, attacked in Gaza, was out of service, a child died from lack of oxygen.

Israeli forces opened fire on the intensive care unit of Jerusalem Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. Furthermore, the Tel el-Heva area, near the Jerusalem Hospital, was heavily bombed.
Finally, late in the afternoon, “violent” attacks occurred again around the hospitals in Indonesia and Şifa.

The Şifa hospital and its surroundings were bombed many times by the Israeli army, claiming that it was “the headquarters of Palestinian armed groups.”

Since the attacks began on October 7, Gaza hospitals housing thousands of wounded and civilians have been attacked many times, leaving 18 of the region’s 35 hospitals inoperable. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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