Israeli commander: Gaza is our land

Israeli commander: Gaza is our land

An Israeli commander in the video purportedly showing an Israeli flag raised on the beach in the north of the blockaded Gaza Strip claimed that Gaza was his territory.
An image supposedly taken in the coastal area north of Gaza was published in the Israeli press. In the images, Israeli soldiers are seen raising the Israeli flag on the beach and singing their national anthem.

In his speech in Hebrew, the commander of the unit in the video stated that the Palestinian territory of Gaza belongs to Israel and said:

“After 2,000 years of exile, we return to the ports and beaches of Gaza. They kicked us out of here 20 years ago. There is no other way to finish this mission. Israel’s goal never ends. Our goal. Israel’s goal, its 2,000 years of loss, is our position. We entered this war separately, we ended it together. Attention, no more delays. We are fighting for the people of Israel, the land of Israel. “This is our land.”

Israel withdrew in 2005 from the Gaza Strip, which it occupied in the Six-Day War in 1967. After Hamas won the Palestinian elections and came to power in Gaza, Israel blockaded the Gaza Strip in 2006. (AUTO CLUB BRITISH)

Source: Sozcu


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