Israel hit hospital, many dead

Israel hit hospital, many dead

Many Palestinians, including women and children, were reported killed when the Israeli army bombed a polyclinic building on the Shifa hospital campus in Gaza.

News from the official Palestinian agency WAFA states that Israel attacked hospitals in the Gaza Strip, where it has been carrying out intense attacks for 35 days, despite international warnings. In the news about the attack on Sifa Hospital, the largest health center in Gaza, where thousands of injured and displaced civilians are, it is said: “The occupation forces bombed a polyclinic building on the campus of Sifa Hospital with rockets and artillery fire. “As a result of attacking displaced people, dozens of people were killed and injured, including women and children.”

The Israeli army reportedly attacked a group of Palestinians at the entrance to the town of Huza in the southern Gaza Strip and many people lost their lives.

In the morning, the Israeli army heavily shelled the area around the Sifa hospital with artillery fire. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reported that 6 people were killed in the attack.

It was also announced that the hospital was out of service as a result of the shelling of the gate of An-Nasr Children’s Hospital in western Gaza City by the Israeli army in the morning. The Israeli army also attacked the area around Al-Awde Hospital and Friends of Patients Hospital in Cibaliye, northern Gaza Strip, and fired on an ambulance.

Israeli fighter jet attacks on Er-Rantisi Children’s Hospital also caused a large fire at the hospital. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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