The United States announced: Israel will suspend attacks on Gaza

The United States announced: Israel will suspend attacks on Gaza

While the United States has long called for a “humanitarian pause in hostilities” in Gaza, the White House announced that Israel has agreed to stop its attacks on Gaza for 4 hours each day.

White House Homeland Security spokesman John Kirby said Israel will announce three hours in advance of each four-hour pause in attacks to allow civilians in northern Gaza to leave the area.

Thousands of Palestinians are fleeing northern Gaza to survive.

Arguing that the pauses will allow humanitarian aid to reach areas in need and for the Palestinians to “leave the region unharmed,” Kirby claimed that Israel conveyed to them that it would not carry out any military operations in these regions during the 4-hour breaks. .


Kirby responded to a question about the “ceasefire” by saying that the United States did not yet believe the time was right for it, arguing that Hamas would benefit from it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in his statement to the American press: “The fight against Hamas continues. “We are trying to facilitate the departure of civilians at certain times and in some places,” he said.

Netanyahu said they did not plan to invade Gaza, but said it was necessary to have a large Israeli force in the region. (AGENCIES)

Source: Sozcu


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