New images emerge of the man who killed environmental activists in cold blood

New images emerge of the man who killed environmental activists in cold blood

Details are also emerging about the horrendous murder that occurred the day before in Panama, which serves as a bridge between Central and South America…

As anti-government protests continued by the public, reacting to the agreement signed between Canadian mining company First Quantum Minerals and the Panamanian government, the road closure that took place the previous day ended in bloody fashion.
Demonstrators protesting against the government and the agreement set up a roadblock on a road and blocked traffic. A driver who was disturbed by this situation and stuck in traffic reacted.

The middle-aged man, whose name was not revealed, spoke to the activists and shot two people without flinching with the gun he pulled out of his pocket.

The identity of the attacker was revealed. Authorities announced that the man who committed the cold-blooded murder was 77-year-old Kenneth Darlington. Photos posted on social media showed images of Darlington tied to the wall with handcuffs.

Darlington, who has US and Panamanian citizenship, is in custody.


The new contract, signed by the Panamanian government on October 20, grants First Quantum mining rights for 20 years and an option to extend for another 20 years in exchange for annual revenues of $375 million for Panama.

Although the government says the new contract offers better conditions than the previous one, protesters disagree.

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