Israel also bans social media posts

Israel also bans social media posts

The Israeli Parliament approved the bill that prohibits the “systematic consumption” of content considered “pro-terrorist” in Israel.

The law prohibits the use of such content if the manner in which it is consumed indicates that the individual identifies with organizations that Israel considers a terrorist organization (Hamas). It was noted that people found guilty under the law can be sentenced to one year in prison.

It was stated that the law was designed to prevent “a person who is not affiliated with a terrorist organization from becoming radicalized and taking action by viewing terrorist content” and to prevent individual so-called “lone wolf” attacks.

It was stated that the law does not cover people who view such content “randomly, in good faith or for the purpose of providing information to the public, preventing terrorist attacks or for investigative purposes.”

The law, which was adopted as a “temporary measure” valid for two years, can be extended again by Parliament at the end of this period.

The law is expected to affect Palestinians who follow Hamas-related videos posted by Hamas, the Palestinian resistance movement active in Gaza, on the Internet. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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