Morawiecki was given the task of forming a government in Poland.

Morawiecki was given the task of forming a government in Poland.

Morawiecki was given the task of forming a government in Poland.

Polish President Andrzej Duda addressed the public at 8:00 p.m. local time.

Recalling that in the elections in Poland there was more than 74 percent participation and a record was broken, Duda said: “The record participation rate today confirms that democracy in Poland is stronger than ever. “This is an important obligation for all parliamentarians, regardless of the political option they represent.” he said.


Duda stated that a period of calm, analysis and consultation was behind us and said: “I decided to entrust the task of forming a government to Prime Minister Morawiecki. “In doing so, I have decided to continue the good parliamentary tradition in which the winning party has the first opportunity to form a government.” he said.

The first parliamentary session of the new legislature in Poland will take place on November 13.

To win the vote of confidence, Morawiecki must receive the support of an absolute majority in the Sejm, the lower house of parliament, that is, the number of supporters must be greater than the number of opponents and abstentions, and there must be at least 230 deputies . in parliament at the time of the vote.

If Morawiecki does not receive a vote of confidence from parliament, it will elect another prime minister. This person is likely to be former European Council President Donald Tusk, whom the main opposition parties have chosen as their candidate for prime minister.


According to the results of the elections held on October 15 in Poland, the ruling Law and Justice Party (PIS) took first place with 35.38 percent of the votes.

The PIS was followed by the Civil Coalition, the main opposition bloc led by Tusk, with 30.70 percent, and then the Third Way Alliance with 14.4 percent. The New Left Party received 8.61 percent of the vote and the far-right Confederation Party 7.16 percent.

The electoral threshold in the country is 5 percent for parties and 8 percent for alliances.

Although the PİS came first, it lost its majority in Parliament. In this case, three opposition parties are expected to form a coalition to obtain a majority in Parliament. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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