Life is paralyzed: the death toll increases

Life is paralyzed: the death toll increases

Life is paralyzed in Italy: the death toll increases

The rainy and strong windy weather that affected Italy caused flooding and floods, especially in the regions of Tuscany and Veneto.

Eugenio Giani, president of the Regional Government of Tuscany, stated in his statement that he confirmed that one more person died in Montemurlo, city of Prato, one of the places most affected by the flood, and said: “The toll of this tragic day has increased to 6. “As a region of Tuscany, we embrace the families of those who lost their lives,” he said.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced that they declared a “state of emergency” for a year to heal the wounds of the catastrophe in the region of Tuscany, the most affected by the floods, and that the government allocated 5 million euros in resources.

In the Italian press, the number of victims of the flood catastrophe was 2.

It was reported that in the Tuscany region, where the alert level remained high due to adverse weather conditions, Civil Defense teams distributed sandbags to families to prevent flooding.

The sea was also reported to have overflowed in the northern resort town of Portofino and the town square was flooded.


Due to adverse weather conditions, ferry services between Sardinia (Italy) and the islands Corsica (France), as well as sea transport to the mainland island of Elba, in the Tuscany region, were suspended.

Furthermore, 40,000 people in Tuscany do not have electricity.

While many agricultural lands and settlements in the region were flooded due to the overflowing of the Bisenzio River, rail services between the cities of Prato and Pistoia were also disrupted. (AA)

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