Russian comedians’ joke led to resignation

Russian comedians’ joke led to resignation

Russian comedians’ joke led to resignation

When Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was asked about the Russian comedians’ joke, she said: “I had some doubts towards the end of the phone conversation. Especially in the part where it talks about Ukrainian nationalism, which is a typical theme of Russian propaganda. That’s why I asked for confirmation. “I reported this to my diplomatic advisor’s office,” she responded.

Meloni said the Office of the Diplomatic Adviser showed a superficial and careless approach in this incident and said: “The diplomatic adviser, Ambassador Francesco Talo, submitted his resignation this morning.”


Russian comedians Vladimir Kuznetsov and Aleksej Stolyarov, known as “Vovan&Lexus”, had a telephone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Meloni on September 18, introducing themselves as president of the African Commission.

The recording of the meeting was posted on social media on November 1.

In the recording in question, Meloni said: “There is fatigue on all sides regarding the conflict in Ukraine. The time is coming when everyone will realize that they need a way out. The problem is finding a way out that is acceptable to both parties without violating international law. Ukraine’s counterattack does not go as expected. He was revealed to have said: “This did not change the fate of the conflict.”

While the Italian Prime Minister confirmed the incident with a written statement on November 1, “the Prime Minister’s Diplomatic Advisory Office was deceived by an imposter who presented himself as the President of the African Union Commission; “He regrets having allowed the person in question to meet the Prime Minister (Meloni).” (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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